AVEVA is the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI), SCADA and real-time operations management software. AVEVA solutions enable production and industrial operations to synchronize with business objectives to achieve speed, flexibility and sustained profitability. AVEVA software delivers significant cost benefits for designing, building, deploying and maintaining robust applications for manufacturing and infrastructure operations.

AVEVA System Platform

aveva-system-platformAVEVA software is based on a distinctly unique, powerful and elegant approach to delivering what customers most need in their real-time industrial software systems. AVEVA System Platform surpasses all other platforms in engineering simplicity, operational agility and information empowerment. It helps customers secure their future, protect the operational integrity of their plants, enhance the operational insight of their people and enables them to adapt easily and affordably to change. These are a few of the many reasons AVEVA software is the world's favorite and brings value to a number of organizations.